Sponsor Partners Presentation Proposals
The 2020 Sponsor Partners Conference Proposals are open.

Currently, the Sponsor Partners Conference Proposals are limited to 10 sessions. Only ACPE sponsors are eligible to submit a proposal. This opportunity is very competitive.

This form closes on March 1. The ACPE Board reviews submissions through March 15th. Sponsors whose proposals are accepted will be notified by April 15.

Pre-conference session selection is at the sole discretion of the ACPE Board, and decisions are final.


1. All sessions will be one hour in length.

2. Even though sponsors can make multiple submissions, only one session is awarded per sponsorship.

3. Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria.

• The sponsor has fully paid its sponsorship invoice.

• Addresses the conference theme, Secure IT!

• Sponsorship level

• Innovative idea or product

• Relevance to current K-12 needs

• Session must include a district partner registered to attend and agree to be a part of the presentation.

4. You can edit your responses until March 1.

Send any questions to jb@acpenw.org.
Company Name *
To be considered, this company must be a current ACPE sponsor AND has fully paid their sponsorship fees. If your company has not paid it's sponsorship in full, this submission will not be forwarded to the Board for consideration.
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Person Submitting Proposal *
This is the person we will be contacting with and coordinating all logistics.
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Email Address *
This is the only communication tool we will use for questions about the submission and notifications.
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Sponsor Level *
This is the only benefit a higher level sponsor has in this process. Sponsors, no matter what level, are NOT assured a pre-conference session. This is competitive.
K-12 School district willing to participate in your session and take questions from the membership about their experience your product(s). *
Answer none if you will not have a district joining you as a part of your presentation. Be aware, it is very difficult to get a pre-conference session without having a school district and one of their employees included in your proposal.
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Name and Contact Information for the School District Employee(s) Participating *
We must be able to contact the named school district employee. Please provide their name, phone number and/or email address. Answer NONE if you will not have any as a part of your presentation.
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I have contacted & confirmed with the School District Employee regarding co-presenting this session
Title of the presentation: *
Must be less than 140 characters or it will be edited/truncated by the Board.
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Description of this presentation to include in the conference listing. *
Must be less than 250 words or it will be edited/truncated by the Board.
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What makes the product or solution featured in this proposed session innovative or distinguishes the product or service from others? *
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Describe how this product or service featured in this session proposal is relevant to current K-12 needs. *
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