Coordinated Mixed System Proposal and Feedback
Over the last week or so, you should have received a copy of the tentative proposal for a coordinated mixed ultimate system for Phoenix. That proposal can be found here:

To get your feedback, here is a short survey that gauges your support and asks about what changes might be beneficial in your eyes. Thank you for taking the time. After the proposal team has a chance to review all this feedback, there will be a revised edition sent out. Please complete this by noon, January 13th, 2020.

After reviewing the proposal document, what's your level of support?
What concerns do you have to make sure this proposal is implemented well, if any?
Your answer
What procedural or policy changes do you suggest, if any?
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What other comments do you have?
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And lastly, is there anyone you think would be a great fit to be a captain, coach, trainer, or leader of any kind for the proposed teams? Please pass along any nominations and ideas you may have.
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