Central NC Mutual Herbal Network for Black Lives and BIPOC Healing

This is a short survey for the creation of an NC Mutual Herb Network. This network is being created by queer, BIPOC, femme, GNC and white herbalists, medicine makers, and farmers to support Black people in our state that are living through and recovering from systemic racism and oppression.

The 3 main aims of this network are to:

· Collect medicines (ex. salves, tinctures, teas, flower essences) to distribute to protesters and organizers helping to lead uprisings, as well as any Black person that needs support in this moment.

· Collect resources (ex. material donations, jars, plant material, menstruums, etc) to support BIPOC medicine makers who feel called to make medicine for their community at this time, but need medicine making supplies. In addition to taking herbs, the practice of making herbal medicine is healing for BIPOC folks.

- (Re)Distribute herbal remedies, materials, and resources to Black folks

Please take a moment to fill out the survey below! This survey contains 4 short sections to get clear on what you have to share. Once you fill it out, we will reach out to coordinate the exchange.

Email ncmutualherb@gmail.com to get in touch with us with your questions and interests.
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