Application for Artizan Membership & Vendor Recognition
If you would like to be considered for Artizan Membership in the Order of Gallifrey, please fill this form out. Upon approval, your information will be made available to the members of the Order of Gallifrey.

The Order of Gallifrey is a not-for-profit fan organization dedicated to Whovian costuming and prop reproduction.

We make no claim or challenge to the licenses related to Doctor Who, Torchwood, or any related properties owned by BBC, its partners, or subsidiaries, or to the Terry Nation Estate. No official merchandise is produced or sold by the Order of Gallifrey. Any funds received by the Order of Gallifrey are used to directly benefit charitable causes. Members posting items for sale and/or trade on our message board or our Facebook group do so as independent traders. The Order of Gallifrey cannot be held liable for any items sold or transactions made on these boards.

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Artizan Members are small prop, costumers, and do not have a large storefront.
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