NOMAS Questionnaire
New Orleans Mutual Aid Society is a hyper-local mutual aid society powered by each of us. We are working together to provide for one another with a spirit of solidarity. We all want to feel useful and cared for during this time. By filling out this form, you are helping put resources where they're needed in our community and letting us know what sort of support you may be needing in this ever-changing situation.

Use this form to tell NOMAS what resources you have to offer and what needs you have.
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Do you have a car? If so, how many people other than the driver can it accommodate?
What material support can you PROVIDE?
What material support will you NEED?
If you need prepared meals, what sort of dietary restrictions do you have?
How many members in your household need meals?
Are there any other supports you need or think NOMAS can provide?
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Other comments or questions for the team can be listed here.
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