Boddington Cycle Survey
The purpose of this survey is to try to identify a baseline to understand how many people in the parish currently cycle and how often and then to understand what parishioners think about the proposed cycle track and to identify how it might impact on current facilities as well as the potential long term improvement in cycling.

There are also plans to put in a path on the Village Hall side of the main road to join from Frog Lane and Townsend Lane and ideally tarmacing part of the Village Hall / Parish Council car park. This will create a much improved facilitiy for cycling skills and a safe area for children to learn to ride.

Applications for grants to fund the project are underway.
Proposed Learn to ride track and Challenge Cycle track
Learn to Ride Track
The learn to ride track would be located next to the playpark and is for young children just learning to ride - so infants on small bikes or those using balance bikes. This would include a raised start/end and corners and small low raised rollers to increase skills and interst.
Challenge bike loop
A Challenge bike loop which will include graded routes from beginners to intermediate and will be designed so that each element of the trail will be progressive and allow riders to increase their skill level and encourage riders to negotiate obstacles in different ways.
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