PACE Early Adopter Application
Apply to join our growing team of Early Adopters who are engaged with the PACE Project! 

Benefits of becoming an Early Adopter include: Interacting with other EA members and the PACE Science & Applications Team, participating in PACE Applications Program activities (e.g., workshops, focus sessions, and tutorials), accessing pre-launch simulated and proxy PACE data, and getting updates on the mission, science data products, and field campaigns.

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Please provide a brief description of your Early Adopter project idea including background, objectives, study region, and specific methodology of how you will use PACE data. *
What unique role will PACE data play in your applied work? Please describe what you will gain by specifically using PACE that would otherwise be difficult to obtain.

Please describe the societal relevance of your work. How does your work support environmental and/or public health, policy, decision-making, etc.? 

If you feel like your work is only research oriented, you may be better suited to join the PACE Community of Practice instead.
Please list your application end-user(s) and/or stakeholder of your application and it's outputs. Add specific point(s) of contact if available. *
Please list any milestones or metrics that you use to track success or evaluate progress or impact. 
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