GB Youth Media - High Schoolers!
Classes start the week of January 27th!

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High School Program Descriptions
**Video Production + Community Service** ---- In this course, students will work together to create a short video (documentary or public service announcement) about a community-focused issue of their choosing. Students learn video production skills along the way, including pre-production, research, writing interview questions, creating shot-lists, camerawork, filming interviews, recording audio, and video editing. Students receive SSL hours for this course. No experience needed!

**Digital Activism 101: LGBTQ Advocacy** --- In this course, students will work together to create social media campaigns related to the issue of LGBTQ advocacy and community-building in downtown Silver Spring. Students will meet with local activists who are organizing around LGBTQ issues to help promote their work and create public information campaigns to increase LGBTQ visibility. We will create all sorts of media for different platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube and more. We encourage all students who are interested in graphic design, activism, community building, and social media campaigns to join!! Students will receive SSL hours. No experience needed!
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All programs begin the week of January 27th. Each program meets once a week, after school.
Programs for high schoolers meet from 3:30-5:30 pm.
The last week of programs will be the week of May 11th.

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