Assumption of Risk
The Underground Railroad Rescued Kitty Network (URRKN) does everything that we can to ensure the safety of the kitties that we transport.
We work to educate our volunteers on safe transport. We have training videos, signed Code of Conduct, drivers license and proof of insurance. In some cases we even do live one on one training through video chat.

Once the kitty is in the hands of a volunteer we must trust them to use their best judgement. It is then out of our (URRKN's) control. Mistakes, poor decisions
and accidents can happen.

By signing this you are stating that you understand that there is risk involved that may include but not limited to the possibility of loss, sickness or maybe even death to the kitty/kitties that URRKN is transporting for you. You are also agreeing to release URRKN & it's members from any and all liability.

In the event of a kitty escaping during any part of URRKN's transport process, we agree to do our best recovery efforts for no less than 7 days. Please know that these efforts may be hindered due to location, lack of volunteers and financial restraints. If the kitty is not found after 7 days you may need to consider hiring professional pet locators at your own personal expense.
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