Window-Bird Collision Report Form
Fill this survey out for each bird found during the survey. If no birds were found, please select "no" for question #4.
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1. What is your name? *
2. What date was the official survey completed? *
3. How many minutes did it take you to complete the official survey route? *
Choose the closest time.
4. Did you find any birds during the official survey? *
If you answer "No" you may end the survey now.
5. What species is the bird?
If unknown, pick the closest appropriate response, e.g., "Unknown Sparrow" or "Unknown Bird". If the species is not listed, please pick other (at the bottom of the list) and given an explanation in the comment section
6. What age is the bird?
If you don't know, just pick "unknown"
7. What sex is the bird?
If you don't know, just pick "unknown"
8. What is the birds final disposition?
9. If injured, was this bird sent to rehabilitation?
10. Which building was the bird found by?
11. Was this bird found during an official planned survey?
12. If you have additional comments about this bird or survey, please record them below.
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