TBX [ New Year's ] Edition Countertechnique® Registration
JAN 2-6, 2017 | KIRA BLAZEK
Bravo Blackbox Theater
4544 S Lamar Blvd #200, Austin, TX 78745

MON | 6-9pm
6pm-8pm // Countertechnique®
8-9pm // Professional Field Consultation

TUE-FRI | 12pm-5pm
12pm-2pm // Countertechnique®
2pm-3:30pm // Choreographer's Lab
3:30-5pm // Dance Film Project
**Special Sessions Include 101 In the field professional consultation
**Community Showing & Shindig on Friday, January 6!!

[ EARLY BIRD ] before Dec 1
// Full Tuition: $200
// VIP Full Tuition: $175

[ GENERAL ] after Dec 1
// Full Tuition: $240
// VIP Tuition: $200
// CT Drop-in: $20

Scholarship Fund:
Invite friends and family to give the gift of dance this holiday season! Donations are tax-deductible!

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Health Declaration (if applicable, please specify injury, sign initials, and date)
In case you have a health problem or any kind of disability, please fill out this paragraph: I declare that my health challenge is: ________ I am obligated to inform the teacher about this before the class starts. In order to continue participating in the TBX Workshop, I am obligated to bring a medical report that approves that there is no risk for me to participate in classes considering any medical issue written above. I herby remove all responsibility from TBX, Amy Morrow and/or the instructors of the classes regarding damages that may occur from my participation in the classes and that are connected to my medical limitations.
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