Facebook Video/LIVE Submission Form for Uninvincible Moms: Stay at Home Christian Mom Community
So happy that you are interested in working with me! I am super excited to see what you wish to contribute to Uninvincible Mom. Please use this form to submit your video for my Facebook group! You can also use this form to pitch and outline an idea to go LIVE in my group! Feel free to check out UninvincibleMom.com for an idea of what I stand for and the kind of content I usually promote.

*All LIVE videos will need to be able to be presented on a Tuesday at 2pm, as that is when the weekly video training is posted each week and I would like to keep that consistent for my audience.

The video must be geared toward stay at home Christian moms with young children, as that is who I write for and who the group is made up of. It should provide actionable tips or a direct solution to a common problem, and you are welcome to include your own pitch at the end!

**To make sure that the video is a good fit for my audience, here are some guidelines and requirements:

-Contributor must be Christian—saved and believing that Jesus is God and Savior.
-Please refrain from using foul language or negative talk/bashing of anyone else (including Christian denominations).
-Please do not promote or reference anything “spiritual” that doesn’t come directly and completely from the Spirit of God as revealed in the Bible.

Your video or pitch will be reviewed and I will get back to you as soon as possible with the date it will be posted/aired if it is accepted.

Thanks so much for your interest, can't wait to see what you have to offer!

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