Blizzard Bag Day 1: Reading and Writing
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Write a journal response about the video you watched OR about your own book. Your journal entry should include the date, greeting (Dear Mrs. ________), the name of the book you read, a few sentences about what your book was about, and at least two things that you thought about the book you chose. These can include things like what you liked or didn't like, things you noticed or could relate to, questions that you had, or predictions you made. It should also include a closing (Sincerely) and your name. The line below is where you will write your journal entry. It will move down to give you as much space as you need to type your entry. To move to the next line, you will hit the "enter" key. First type the date, then hit "enter." Next type your greeting, then hit "enter." And so on until you have typed a letter!
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