X-Pole US and The Diva Present: Dangerous Curves

August 25th, 2012
Sacred | 197 Clifton Place, Brooklyn NY 11216

Dangerous Curves seeks to highlight the unique contributions of plus size pole athletes. 'Plus size' has traditionally been defined those who wear a size 12 or above. If you fall outside this range but still identify yourself as a plus size athlete, you are absolutely encouraged to audition! The performer with the most dangerous curves, determined by the audience, will get special recognition. A second recognition, The Diva's Award, will be given to the athlete who has demonstrated the greatest commitment to uplifting others as described in their application below.

X-Pole has generously agreed to be the presenting partner. We have a ton of awesome things to give away, including a brand spanking new X-POLE!

We are also seeking sponsors, volunteers and vendors. No matter what role you wish to play, please complete this application ASAP. Questions may be directed to roslyn.mays@gmail.com.

COMPETITOR VIDEO SUBMISSIONS ARE DUE JULY 15TH, 2012 at 11:59PM EST. All other applications are due JULY 31ST, 2012 at 11:59PM EST.
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GUIDELINES FOR AUDITION VIDEOS (for competitors and pole cleaners only)
COMPETITORS: submissions due JULY 15TH at 11:59PM EST

Ten spots are up for grabs, three of which will be reserved for students at our host studio, Sacred. The selection committee, composed of pole dancers and teachers, couldn't care less about how many death defying tricks you can do -- all we require is a CLEAN routine that showcases your PERSONALITY and how you MEZMORIZE the audience. Nothing is off limits -- all styles, from Black Swan to Lil' Kim, are welcome.

- Any performance from 2012 is fair game.
- Videos must be posted on a video sharing website. If this video has restricted access, please enable roslyn.mays@gmail.com.
- Submissions should be between 3-4 minutes

POLE CLEANERS : submissions due JULY 31ST, 2012 at 11:59PM EST

Two spots up are up for grabs. Your guidelines are the same as above, but please be sure to showcase your CLIMBING skills at least once in your video. We expect you to have the stamina to repeatedly climb 12' static poles between each performer. Duos or are welcome, too!
Link to audition video
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REQUIRED FOR COMPETITORS ONLY: True athletes never cease to uplift others. Describe how you've supported someone else in their journey to fitness glory. The most inspiring story will be recognized with The Diva's Prize during the show.
Examples: teaching others about good health, guilt-tripping friends into the gym, inspiring Roz to drop the pancakes and pick up an apple . . .
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