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This form is to share your stories, quotes, photos, videos, and personal reflections from your Award experience. You can see what others have shared on our website at

PLEASE READ through the all the questions and options as you may wish to prepare before you start filling out the form. Have lots to share? You can fill out this form as many times as you like!
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Here you can share your Award story - anything about your Duke of Ed experience. For example an anecdote, a lesson learned, a habit formed and continued beyond the Award, what Duke of Ed means to you, the impact of the Award on you and/or your peers, the Award overall, or specifically about your experience with one section of activities (Physical Recreation, Skill, Service, Adventurous Journey, Gold Project). It can be as long or as short as you like. Remember, you can fill the form once or many times over. We love to hear and see it all - we read every one. Tell us the stories behind your logs! *
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Here you can link photos or videos from your Award experience. They can be from your Google Drive, Dropbox, Flickr, YouTube or other shareable platforms. For PHOTOS, please avoid portraits or head shots. We prefer action, candid, or general photos from your experience. Can't choose? You can share as many as you like. For VIDEOS, you can link a selfie, or recorded video. Please ensure you have good lighting and you can be heard clearly. Avoid recording outside when it's windy, or near loud noises such as traffic and construction. If you have any questions, please email
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