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This is the form used in order to keep everything nice and neat! Please be sure to read the TOS before commissioning me, because you wouldn't sign a contract without reading it, right? If you have any questions, feel free to note me <3
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(Does not apply to icons, automatically headshots, unless specifically requested.)
How many characters? *
(Only applies to multiple characters in ONE image. If needing separate images with different characters, please fill out each character separately!)
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(Must have image reference, or VERY good descriptions. Any details left out will be up to my discretion!)
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What are you looking for?
Please provide any or all of the following: the personality of the character(s), theme(s) you'd like to incorporate, and a description of how you'd like them to interact with the background/characters in the piece. If left blank, I will assume that you are giving my free reign of the image, based on your reference!
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Would you like a background, weapons, armor, props, etc? *
(these are all an extra charge!)
If you answered Yes, please fill out with image references and short descriptions!
Please keep in mind that any of these will be an additional charge on the base commission price. This can range anywhere from $5-$30. I will quote you upon confirmation of the order via email
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Ie DeadReckoningArt/DA. If you don't have one, please provide your name and an email address.
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