Request Coin Swap
The manual coin-swap is now in place, please use the form below to apply your coin swap.

Steps to take in this order:

1) Make sure all coins are in your Ethereum Dark Wallet (If you do not have a wallet, you may follow the download link on the website/thread)

2) Go to File > Sign Message (WRITE DOWN EVERYTHING YOU PUT)

3) Select your address where you are sending from (Send all coins to RUdzsJcyaAMG38NisNnwJvT98bU15vwqRM)

4) Enter your new wallet address from [Myetherwallet] into the [message field] (if you do not have myetherewallet, goto to get your wallet)

5) Press ["Sign Message"]

6) Enter the amount of coins sent.

7) Fill in this form, according to the values you have used.

It takes some time to manual process the coins, after the verification has been completed the coins will be sent to your new address provided in the [Signing Message]

Remember this is human action and takes time to verify and process.

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