Career & Job Search in light of the coronavirus- 8.04.2020
Join us for an ON-LINE meeting, "Career & Job Search in light of the coronavirus", as part of the Talent Tree series. The meeting will be conducted by Sandra Bichl, representing Career Angels!

When? Wednesday, 8.04.2020, 5:00 P.M.

What do you do with your career management in light of the
coronavirus? What about your job search? Put everything on hold? Stay
put? Continue? How? When? What's reasonable? What will change / has
already changed on the job market? How do you react to it as a

Some of you might already be in recruitment processes - what should you
do if you receive a job offer in light of the coronavirus? Take it?
Reject it to stay in a safe comfort zone?

All the above questions have one short answer: it depends. The longer
answer is more complex than ever before.

If you have doubts, questions or want to prepare a Plan B, join!

During the first 30 min Sandra Bichl from Career
Angels will give a big picture overview; followed by 30 min of Q&A.
Anybody who needs a more personalized approach can reach out to Sandra
and the Career Angels team for a free advisory session afterwards.


Message from Career Angels:
We want to contribute to keep people as rational as possible and make
sure they act in a systematic, calm manner. A guide that we published
exactly for that reason:
(You can also download it as a .pdf at the beginning.)

Feel free to pass it on.

Let me know what you think!

Stay safe!
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