Bush League Season 2 Signups
When answering the questions assume Season 2 begins Sunday, August 5.

Please join the Bush League Discord server after signing up. https://discord.gg/zRaCxKH

What is your battle tag? (ex. TowerBARRON, Daz)
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What time zone do you live in?
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What role(s) do you want to play? (select all that apply)
Do you want to shot call?
On a level of 1-10 how “try hard” do you want your team to be? (10 = playing 2-3 hours a day with your team. 5 = playing 2-3 hours a week with your team. 0 = show up on gameday and play)
Can you consistently play two games during these times? (check all that apply.)
According to HOTS Logs, what is your highest MMR of all four game modes? (i.e. Hero League, Quick Match, Team League and Unranked.)
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Please provide a link to your Hots Logs profile.
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