Pathfinder Paddles, Pedals, and Packs 2019
When: May 17th-20th

Location: Honeymoon Bay Cultus Lake Sites A & B

Canoe Paddles: Learn tandem canoe skills on Cultus Lake with Ridge Wilderness.

Bike Pedals: There will be Beginner, Novice Plus, and Intermediate bike rides around Cultus Lake and as far as the community of Yarrow.

Day Hike Packs: Hike to the top of TeaPot Hill and/or Hike through the Seven Sisters Trail and see the last remaining giant Cedars.

Patols: 1 Guiders and 5 Pathfinders
Cost: $250 per patrol, each patrol is to bring their own food.

Guiders will need to share tents as tent sites are limited. Parking is also limited at the site; please carpool or arrange drop off/pick up options.

Once your registration is complete send a notice to your Treasurer then an invoice will be sent to your district Treasurer from Camp Committee; a bike inspection sheet, kit list, and other items will be emailed to each Patrol Guider.

If you have any questions please contact Anita Pawlikowski at

Shirt Sizing Chart:
Bust 32"-34" 35"-36" 37"-38" 39"-41" 42"-44" 45"-47" 48"-51" 52"-55"
Waist 24"-25" 26"-27" 28"-30" 30"-32" 33"-35" 36"-38" 40"-42" 42"-44"
Hip 33"-35" 35"-37" 37"-39" 39"-41" 42"-44" 45"-47" 48"-50" 50"-52"

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