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"We Are The Roots" - Black Settlers in 20th Century Alberta Schools (5 minute Video Project and lesson plan)
The Aspen Foundation is researching an educational project to produce a 5 minute video and accompanying short lesson plan for use by teachers in elementary schools. The video is a school-specific adaptation of a full-length documentary "We Are The Roots" and will focus on Black settlers' experiences as children going to school in the 20th century. Through watching the video and engaging in guided discussions, students will learn about the impacts of historical racism and develop ideas about how they can create positive social change and counter the ongoing legacies of systemic and interpersonal racism that exist today. The project's goals align with the revised Alberta curriculum learning outcomes for K-4 social studies education about personal identity, diverse communities, group connections to land and place, fairness, and equity; the project will be equally applicable for grades 5-6. As a result of this project, elementary school students will increase awareness of Black history in Alberta and develop ideas for taking positive actions in their own communities.

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