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Yoga Lab Victoria Ambassador Program
Thank you for your interest in our Ambassador Program! We trade yoga & mindful fitness for support within our Ambassador program. Our Ambassadors take care of our facility making sure it’s a clean & welcoming space for our community. They contribute their time and energy to ensure our studio is organized & peaceful. The energy they share with our community helps to create a comfortable, secure & inspiring space for students to enjoy the benefits of yoga & mindful fitness. Our Ambassadors are part of our tribe and are at the heart of our community!

Please take a moment to read through some FAQ's about the program before submitting your application, to help you assess if this is program feels aligned with what you are looking for.

A Yoga Lab Ambassador:
*loves yoga & mindful fitness
*is available for one 3 hour shift per week for a minimum of 4 months
*values integrity
*works well individually and as part of a team
*understands the value of a clean & welcoming space and is inspired to take exceptional care of our facility (including scrubbing toilets, showers, floors, and folding laundry)

Our Ambassadors are vital to the wellness of our community. Cleanliness is our first opportunity to communicate to our students that our studio is a place for wellness. Students can sense how supportive a space is the moment they step foot through the doors. It’s imperative that our students be able to count on us to provide a clean & secure space for them to explore mindful movement.

In exchange for support within our Ambassador Program we offer:
*yoga & mindful fitness
*20 % off retail purchases
*20% off workshops in exchange for Ambassador support before/after the workshop

If you would like to participate in our Ambassador Program please complete the application form below. Please indicate the times you are able to commit to on a weekly basis.
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