Rose Circle Application
Rose Circle - The Blossoming-

Thank you for applying for this course. In order for each person to get the most from their investment and experience its really good to delve in to the intentions and story of each participant, and it helps the organiser deepen and respond with stronger clarity to each person.

Answers are confidential.

On sending this application - someone will be in touch with you within 7 days or less.
Thank you, Awen Healing, Ellie x
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Name *
Are you ready to invest in yourself, and your own development. The class meets each Monday live - and you are sent activity suggestions to do over the weekend. Are you excited to create the space and time for this? *
This class involves guided teachings inspired by the Rose spirit, that can potentially assist you in attuning your energy to your feminine power. What is the area you are most keen to feel?
What do you hope to achieve by joining this course?
Have you worked on your self development and wellbeing before? What forms of discovery to you like? (meditation, earth connection , shamanic, buddhism, mindfulness, yoga, dance, herbalism, crystals, tantra, voice .. etc ) there are so many but please feel free to type below what things you associate and practice as part of your life.
Tell me your greatest desire for yourself, your sensuality, what you dream to manifest. Don't censor yourself.
If you want to - Describe your biggest struggle or challenge in fulfilling that desire?
Do you have the financial means you need to invest in this class? I am offering this course at an introductory price of £60 or £50 early bird *
Flower essences are very potent to help your energy field stay connected to the Rose frequency. Would you like any rose essences ?
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Please give you postal address (for essences)
On a scale of 1 - 5 how excited are you about discovering your best self with the assistance of the vibration of plant energies and teachings? ( 5 being most 1 being less)
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QUEEN of HEARTS welcomes you!
What attracted you to this class and how did you hear about it?
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