Sign up here to pledge that you will go plastic-free in the month of July. Pick a day, a week or a month to refuse single-use plastic and write about your experience with it!

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How long do you plan to go "plastic-free" for?
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2-3 sentences about yourselves and your lifestyle. Example: "I'm a college student working part time and commuting to school 3 days a week. I have a bad habit of stopping at drive-thru fast food places to and from school so this is going to be a tough challenge for me!" or "I'm a retired grandmother of 6. Although I don't work every day, I'm quite busy out and about with my family. I do my best using no plastic, but I've never consciously tried to go a whole month with no plastic before. This is going to be fun!"
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Why do you want to go "plastic-free" ??
what is your reason for going plastic free? Example: "I want to challenge myself." or "My friend bet met that I wouldn't be able to do it." or "For my grandkids!!"
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