This survey is being conducted by Blyenburgh & Co, a private company registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Paris, France, and established at 86 rue Michel Ange, FR-75016 Paris, France - Tel.: 33-1- - Fax: 33-1- - &
This survey is being carried out on behalf of UVS International, a non-profit association dedicated to the promotion of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) & remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) - also jointly referred to as drones, which is registered with the Chamber of Commerce & Industry in The Hague, The Netherlands - - European Transparency Registrer number: 947028226766-38. UVS International operates out of officies in Paris, France.
Questions concerning this survey, are to be addressed to Peter van Blyenburgh, Blyenburgh & Co at
This survey is being conducted within the context of the NPA 2017-05 (A & B) published by EASA. In order to unlock the commercial potential of the "Specific" operational category described in this document, "Standard Scenarios" are to be elaborated applying the Specific Operations Risk Assessment (SORA), which is currently being produced by the Joint Authorities for Rulemaking on Unmanned Systems (JARUS). The SORA document is anticipated to be made available to the European drone community by EASA before 31 December 2017; it will be posted under the "Community Info" on
The order in which these "Standard Scenarios" are created should be prioritized - The flight operations that offer the most (commercial) potential should be dealt with first. This prioritization should be based on inputs supplied by the drone operators community.
The objective of this survey is to:
a) Identify the market sectors in which drone flight operations are currently taking place;
b) Quantify the flight mission purposes of the flight operations (VLOS & BVLOS) currently taking place in compliance with the applicable national rules or regulations;
c) Identify the market sectors in which drone flight operations in the "Specific" operational category (below 500 ft above ground level & BVLOS) & in the ""Certified"" operational category (above 500 ft above ground level & BVLOS) are envisaged to take place tomorrow;
d) Quantify the flight mission purposes of the flight operations in the "Specific" & ""Certified" categories that are envisaged to take place tomorrow.
The primary goal is to identify the VLOS & BVLOS flight operations in the "Specific" category for which "Standard Scenarios" should be created as a priority. The secondary goal is to start bringing into map the anticipated flight operations in the "Certified" category.
Operation Centric Approach
This survey is based on an operation-centric approach. Consequently, it does not make a distinction between UAS/RPAS/drones according to their mass.
Survey Respondents
This survey is aimed at the UAS/RPAS/Drone operators community in all countries in the European Union, as well as in all countries outside of the European Union. Operator: A company, organisation or person carrying out drone flight operations, or planning to do so.
Non - Attribution
The responses supplied will not be nominally attributed to the companies/organizations having supplied the responses.
However, a list of all companies/organisations having responded will be part of the final deliverable.
Publication of Results
The conclusions of this survey will be made publically available on a no-cost basis to all interested parties. It will be published in the "Community Info" section on In addition, the conclusions will be supplied electronically to ICAO, European Commission (DG ECHO, DG ENV, DG GROW, DG HOME, DG MOVE, DG Research), European Union agencies (EASA, ESA, GSA, SESAR), EUROCONTROL, JARUS. All national aviation authorities, UVS International members, national drone associations (members of the International RPAS Coordination Council) and drone & aviation community stakeholders that are present in the Blyenburgh & Co database will be notified and receive a link to the conclusions.
Reference Documents
The following reference documents are available for consultation: EASA - NPA 2017-05 (A & B); SESAR JU - Outlook Study; SESAR JU - U-Space Blueprint; EUROCONTROL - RPAS ATM CONOPS; Blyenburgh & Co - The Non-Military RPAS Market (Commercial & Non-Commercial).
These documents, as well as many others, can be found at:
This survey is being sent to persons, whose contact details have been gathered in a database, which is the property of Blyenburgh & Co. Personal contacts & other personal information provided in response to this survey (hereinafter “Personal Data”) will only be processed for the survey within the limits of the survey's purpose. Processing will only be performed by and limited to Blyenburgh & Co and its staff, which has been instructed to observe the rules of this confidentiality clause. Personal Data will not be sold or transmitted to any entity for any purpose whatsoever.
Persons having completed this survey may at all times request Blyenburgh & Co ( to have their Personal Data deleted from its database for any future use by addressing an email with “Delete from database” in the subject box, and indicating their family name, first name & company/organization as the message text. Non-personal data shall not be subject to such deletion requests.
Persons having supplied their contact details can, at all times, obtain a copy of the information concerning them that is registered by Blyenburgh & Co, rectify it, or oppose its possible transmission to others, by addressing a simple written request or notification to Blyenburgh & Co, 86 rue Michel Ange, FR75016 Paris, France. This statement is in accordance with French Law.
As Blyenburgh & Co is registered in France and this survey originates in France, mentioning the following sentence in French is a legal obligation: Conformément à la loi « Informatique et Libertés » n°7817 du 6 janvier 1978 modifiée en août 2004, vous pouvez accéder aux données personnelles vous concernant, les rectifier, les supprimer et vous opposer à la transmission éventuelle de vos données en écrivant à l'adresse suivante : Blyenburgh & Co, 86 rue Michel Ange, FR-75016 Paris, France.
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15 December 2017
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