Random Harvest Producer Application
Dear Market Producer,

Thank you for taking the time to submit an application to supply our market! Before filling out the application, there are a few things to keep in mind which will help you determine if we are a good match for each other.


Random Harvest envisions a relational food economy in the Hudson Valley where food builds bridges towards a generous, just, and nourished community. We are a worker-owned neighborhood market, cafe, and community space that: provides food and goods sourced directly from farmers and producers; brings together diverse community for shared work, sustenance and learning; and uses models of exchange, pricing, and wages to reflect the needs of workers, producers, and community members.


-RH is open 7 days/week, 12 months of the year (excluding holidays).
-RH seeks to create a mixture of local products attractive to customers including vegetables, fruit, meat, dairy, dry goods, artisanal products, beverages, health and wellness, ready-to-eat, and non-perishables.
-RH pays 75% of gross sales to producers on a twice/month payment schedule.
-RH operates a cafe in the store to encourage a sense of community for customers and to contribute to our business!
-RH strives to repurpose close to date products from the market in the cafe and can purchase them from producers for 25% of retail value, which saves producers from taking a loss and the product going to waste.
-RH will donate or compost any products that are past date that we do not wish to buy.
-RH has a central check out point, taking multiple forms of payment.
-RH has refrigeration equipment for retail displays & limited backstock storage.
-RH refreshes and restocks produce from available supplies and will communicate sales and inventory supply needs to producers.
-RH works with producers to create signage for their store displays, including information about their methods of production and farms/facilities.


-Producers will own and set the price for their products.
-Producers will provide a sufficient supply to match demand through deliveries at least once per week for perishable items, and as needed for non-perishable items. Maintaining availability of products is critical for customer satisfaction.
-Producers should plan and communicate to RH staff on how to best display and care for their products in the market. -Products that wilt should be located in cooled areas, bagged, in water, etc. Communicating with us about how to care for your products is a key to our mutual success!
-Producers will communicate with RH staff when dropping off product and complete and sign form confirming delivery.
-Producers will be responsive and proactive in communicating available products and any pertinent changes in growing practices.
-Producers will help promote Random Harvest by cross promoting on social media outlets.


Applications should be submitted as soon as possible. We plan to accept a limited number of producers in each store category (vegetables, fruit, meat, dairy, dry goods, artisanal products, beverages, health and wellness, ready-to-eat, and non-perishables). Selections will be made on a rolling basis based on product mix needed for the store, quantity and variety of products from producers, and a preference for sustainable growing practices, quality, historically marginalized people, equitable labor practices, proximity, and pricing.

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Please list products you would like to sell at Random Harvest, along with anticipated timing (which months of the year you will be selling). (*For produce, please fill out the grid at the bottom):
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RETAIL DISPLAY UNITS - Each vendor will be assessed a monthly shelf space fee, which will vary depending on the amount of shelf space you take and where it is located in the store. Each unit is approximately $5 per month. Partial units are available for smaller merchandise. Retail display units requested:
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