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6. How would you rate your experience with business as a whole? *
7. How would you rate your experience with product/service development? *
8. How would you rate your experience with marketing and sales? *
9. How would you rate your experience with technology (i.e. computers, mobile devices, video equipment, websites, etc.)? *
10. What is your BIGGEST question/concern you have about achieving the ideal outcome you mentioned in question #5? *
11. What hobby (or hobbies) are you thinking of basing your hobby business on? *
12. Have you ever made money from this hobby? If so, how? *
13. Is there a specific audience you are wanting to serve? *
14. Approximately how many total people are in your current circle of influence (i.e. Facebook friends, email subscriber list, Instagram followers, etc.)? *
15. What is the ideal format you prefer to learn? *
16. What devices do you currently own? (choose all that apply) *
17. Do you have any existing resources, assets, or anything else that your hobby business might benefit from (e.g. book, website, course, software, etc.)? *
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