The FAWCO Collection — Recipes from Confinement
Many of our member clubs are hosting virtual cooking classes and sharing recipes on social media during the Covid crisis. FAWCO invites you to share your favorite recipes that have helped you get through this time of confinement. We will collect them into a FAWCO Recipe book(let) which other members can download. You may share a recipe from your favorite cookbook or website, but for copyright purposes, we will need versions that can be shared. Lists of ingredients can not be copyrighted, but the preparation instructions cannot be copied directly from another source. Any text must be written by you, or rewritten by you or us, before we can share the recipe with others. Any photos you include must be your own. We ask your email address only so that we might contact you with any questions, it will not be published or shared with others. Recipes included in our collection will list your name and club affiliation. You may submit more than one recipe, but please submit one recipe per form. Thanks for your participation!
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