MIR 20 - Rolling Feedback & Suggestions
As part of the MIR Family, you probably have ideas or feedback you want to share, we want to hear it!

Whether it's quirky ideas to engage the club members or a trip you think we should organise, or a way that you think we can spend our funds, let us know!

As part of the current MIR 20 EXCO, we're going to be leaving this form as an avenue for rolling feedback & suggestions from the community. Any ideas suggested here will be tabled for discussion monthly and hopefully executed as soon as we can, so keep them coming!

(It's ok to leave "I don't know" as an answer! But if you've been with MIR in the past, we're sure you can answer at least one of them!)
Just so we know you're REALLY from the club... name one of the guides from our TMC trips. *
OR... who was the base camp manager of the NUS Centennial Everest expedition? *
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