I'm An Educator for Cary!
Tell us in a few short sentences why you're an educator for Cary.

Here's your guide to craft your best response, and in case you need it, information about where Cary stands on public education is below!

Crafting Your Best Response In 3 Short Steps!
1. Start with, "I'm an Educator for Cary because..."
2. Tell us in 1-2 sentences what Cary stands for, or has done that you believe makes her the best candidate to be Colorado's next governor
3. Tell us in 1-2 sentences how that will (or already has) effected your school, classroom, students, family, and/or community in a positive way.

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Cary Kennedy On Public Education:
Education is Cary’s top priority, and she believes it should be Colorado’s top priority too!

Cary believes that every child should have the opportunity to succeed, regardless of zip code. She knows this happens through strong public schools, and she has a plan for k-12 education so every student can be career and college ready.

Top Points of Cary’s Plan:
-A great teacher for every classroom
-Paying teachers as professionals
-Protecting retirement
-Expanding the teacher talent pipeline and developing a more diverse teaching workforce through:
-Scholarships for future teachers
-Teacher apprenticeship programs
-Concurrent enrollment for high school students interested in education
-Empowering teachers to be leaders through;
-Expanding the role teachers play in evaluation systems
-Increasing opportunities for teachers’ professional advancement
-Protecting educators’ right to collectively bargain
-Engaging the community and making our schools more equitable by;
-Empowering families to engage in their child’s education
-Universal access to quality preschool and full day kindergarten
-Make access to technology more equitable
-Teachers need support from other professionals in the district to help students grow and succeed
-Support students and their unique needs
-Replicate the Principles of Community Schools

For more information and a detailed look at her plan, go to: https://carykennedyforgovernor.com/education/

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