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Faithwalkers West 2016
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I am the parent or legal guardian of a minor child (children) under the age of 18 years who will be attending with me at the upcoming Faithwalkers West Conference (the “Conference”) beginning December 29, 2016. As part of my registration and as a condition to my participation in the conference, I agree as follows:
1. I recognize that at all times during the conference my minor child (children) will be my responsibility exclusively, and this means I am responsible for their conduct, whereabouts, needs, and safety at all times.
2. I will use diligence as a parent to keep my child (children) safe during the conference. I will not rely on the Christian atmosphere of the Conference, the seemingly safe environment of the facility (facilities), security measures taken by Faithwalkers West, its leaders or sponsors.
2.1. I will not leave my child (children) alone or unattended, whether in a conference meeting room, hotel room, or other place during the Conference. If separated from my child (children) during the Conference, I will monitor the location and well being of the child until reunited.
2.2. I will instruct my child (children) on personal safety, including ways to recognize, avoid, and respond to unacceptable or dangerous situations, including the importance of reporting situations and seeking help.
2.3. Although the Conference may be attended primarily by Christians, I will treat the Conference as a non-Christian venue, exercising the same care and diligence as to my child’s (children’s) safety from strangers as he/she would at any public place such as a shopping mall or theme park.
2.4. If my child (children) becomes ill during the Conference and has symptoms that include fever, vomiting or diarrhea, I will take whatever precautionary measures are necessary to avoid exposing other participants to the illness.
2.5. I will instruct my child (children) on proper conduct during the Conference and will warn and take steps to intervene and prevent the child (children) from engaging or continuing in any improper conduct.
3. I acknowledge that participation in the Conference by me or my child (children) does not shift responsibility in any way to Faithwalkers, its leadership or sponsors. I will completely indemnify, defend and save harmless Faithwalkers and its leaders and affiliates, with respect to all matters that may arise concerning or because of my minor child (children), or any act or forbearance on my part.
4. I certify that I have custody and legal authority to bring my minor child (children) to the Conference, and I have full authority to direct all matters necessary to protect the health, welfare and well being of my child (children), including authority to initiate and approve medical and other healthcare related procedures.
5. The minor child (children) to whom this document applies are as follows: *
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