NYU Area Hate and Policing Incidents Story Collection - Immigration Status
Have you witnessed, heard of, or experienced questions about your immigration status or perceived immigration status by ICE, the NYPD, or other authorities while on or around the NYU Manhattan and Brooklyn campuses? We want to hear your story.

NYU Sanctuary has created this form to collect stories of intimidation and harassment based on immigration status or perceived immigration status on and around NYU's campuses in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Our hope is that by collecting these stories we can advocate for proactive university responses and policies to protect our community from targeting and questioning based on immigration status or perceived immigration status.

NYU policy is not to allow any federal agency to enter NYU buildings without permission or legal process (e.g. a search warrant from a court or a subpoena). NYU does not have an explicit policy regarding the public areas (sidewalks, streets, parks) surrounding NYU buildings.

As an additional resource, NYU also offers the NYU Bias Response Line (www.nyu.edu/biasresponse) through which members of the NYU community can share or report experiences and concerns of bias, discrimination, or harassing behavior that may occur within our community.

All responses will be kept confidential (your name and email address will never be shared unless you give us permission).

Questions? Email nyusanctuary@protonmail.com.

Special thanks to the A/P/A Institute's First 100 Days Story Collection and Anirvan Chatterjee and the Berkeley Hate Incidents Story Collection: http://bit.ly/BerkeleyHate

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