Commission Based Marketing Program

Updated 9/27/2013

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    Company overview, LLC offers duplication services for radio frequency identification (RFID) based keys. The service operates by having customers send their key to our facility in Madison, Wisconsin for duplication. RFID keys are often referred to as key fobs and key cards.

    Target customers

    Our target customer base is customers who live in apartment buildings. Apartment buildings are more likely to have an RFID key access system if the building contains one hundred plus apartments, is a high-rise, or is considered a luxury apartment. To help identify qualifying building we have included photos of the most common RFID readers on page 2.

    How the service works

    Customers start by first logging onto our website ( From there they confirm they have an eligible key that works with our cloning service. After they place the order, they receive instructions on sending their original key into our facility. Depending on the return shipping speed they choose, they will receive their key back within 2 to 6 days from the time it arrives in our facility.

    Most common keys & readers

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    Application Process & Selection Criteria

    Once we receive an application (see attached) it will be reviewed. We will specifically look for: • What geographic locations the applicant plans to target. • Applications that wish to target high-density areas (example: New York City, Chicago) will be given priority.

    Initial Marketing Stage (trial period)

    If an applicant is approved, they will be sent an Initial Marketing Package, at no cost to them. This package will include 600 flyers total with a unique discount code that is pre-printed on each flyer. Two types of flyers will be provided: • One set of flyer is formatted for a direct distribution method such as handing out on the street and or placing underneath doors. • Another set of flyers is formatted for placement next to or on doors that use a RFID reader. A completed sale is defined by an order that has exceeded 30 days, making the item non-returnable. Orders are tracked by use of the unique discount code. During this initial stage, the applicant must receive a minimum of 5 completed orders to qualify for additional flyers. For each completed sale, the marketing representative will receive $10.00.

    Continued Marketing Stage

    Once a representative has completed the Initial Marketing Stage, they will receive 2,000 flyers, at no cost to them. For each 2,000 flyers distributed, the marketing representative must obtain a minimum of 15 completed sales before more flyers will be provided. For each sale completed using their unique discount code, the marketing representative will receive $10.

    Payment & Tracking

    Each representative will receive their own unique 15% discount code that allows the company to track progress. This code must be used by the customer to connect the sale to the representative, there will be no exceptions. This code will be printed on all flyers sent to the marketing representative. Payment will be disbursed through PayPal. Each representative must register for an account before receiving payment. PayPal charges 2.9% + $0.30 per business transaction, which is the responsibly of the representative. Payment will be sent to the representative the first Friday after 30 days from their customer’s purchase. The representative will receive notification via e-mail every time a sale has been made. They may also request a copy of their progress by e-mailing

    Additional Marketing Opportunities

    Marketing representatives are permitted to use their unique discount code to advertise online and in any other venues. All custom made advertisements must be sent to for approval before used.

    Suggestions for successful marketing

    Creativity and uniqueness go a long way but there are a few proven tips that can help. • Make sure the flyer is correct for the location. We supply two different types of flyers, one for handing out and another specifically meant for posting on doors and next to readers. • Tracking where your sales are coming from is crucial. If you receive a sales notification from us, you may want to consider going to that location to repost flyers or distribute more. Remember, if you get a sale from posting a flyer on a main entrance door the customer typically takes it with them. This site may need to be replenished with flyers often. • While all custom made flyers/posters need to be approved, making something that stands out can be very successful. Please e-mail your custom flyer/poster to for approval

    Legality of marketing

    Distribution of flyers (handing out) on public property is constitutionally protected by the first amendment. It is strongly advised you review all local laws and regulations before starting your marketing campaign. LLC is not responsible for any punishment received for improper/illegal advertising activity. It is a federal offense to place flyers on or inside mailboxes.

    Complaint Policy

    It is strongly advised you receive approval from property management before advertising on their property. promotes responsible advertising and will not tolerate any behavior that could damage company image. If a complaint is made with a specific marketing representatives discount code, that representative will receive a warning along with the address it originated from. If another complaint originates from the same address, the representative will forfeit all funding from that address. If a third complaint originates from the same address, the marking representative will lose advertising privileges for 6 months. Marketing representatives operating within the same area of an originating complaint will also receive notification. They are expected not to advertise at this location and will not receive any commission from sales originating from the specific address after notification. Complaints received regarding any of our banned marketing strategies & establishments (see below) will result in an automatic 1 month suspension from marketing.

    Notification Events

    Below is a list of events that will trigger representatives to be alerted via e-mail. E-mails are sent out once a day. 1. New sale using unique discount code 2. Notification of payment 3. Notification of refund 4. Notification to halt advertising at a specific address 5. Notification of complaint 6. Notification of new Marketing Terms

    Banned Marketing Methods

    If any marketing representative is reported as participating in the banned marking strategies listed below, they will automatically forfeit advertising privileges for 1 month. 1. Using tape or other adhesive to post flyers to private property 2. Plastering – The act of placing many advertisements near each other. will consider 4 or more advertisements visible from a single location plastering. (If an individual can view 4 or more flyers while standing in a stationary location) 3. Posting flyers on or inside mailboxes 4. Placing flyers in a manner that damages property (staples, nails, glue) 5. Unsolicited Phone Marketing – The act of calling someone without prior invitation. 6. E-mail Marketing using non-consent lists 7. Making claims not approved by, LLC 8. Littering of any kind. Do not place or throw flyers on the ground 9. Placing advertisements in a manner/location that is considered in general bad taste. (Example: over the display of an ATM) 10. Posting in violation of city, state, or federal regulations.

    Banned Establishments for Marketing

    If any representative is reported as placing advertisements targeting any of these establishments, they will automatically forfeit advertising privileges for 6 month. Sales made to these locations will not receive commission. 1. Publicly owned living facilities 2. College Dorms in the state of Wisconsin (does not include privately owned living establishments) 3. Government buildings 4. Any establishment with “no solicitation” posted

    Expectation of Progress & No Guarantee of Sale

    Location, time of year and distribution method all play important roles in how successful a marketing campaign will be. LLC does not guarantee results. If you are struggling to complete sales, please contact us at marketing@clonemykey.covm. We will try our best to work with you to develop a new marketing strategy.

    Group Marketing Policy

    Using a group of people to distribute flyers at once is often very successful. It is the responsibility of the group to nominate a team leader who will be the point of contact between the team and The team leader will be ultimately responsible for receiving materials, disbursement of funds, and ensuring the entire team follows the guidelines set within this document.