EWay Missions Application
We are very excited that you are interested in serving His Kingdom through the life changing process of relational evangelism. The current need as a 9mo. assignment from September '18 - May '19. Before you provide the information below, allow me to explain the application process: (YOU MUST BE AT LEAST 20 ON OR BEFORE SEPTEMBER 1, 2018 TO APPLY)

1. Complete this initial online application, including all forms required, and have everything into our office before the application deadline. (June 30, 2018)

2. Phone/Skype conversation with your potential ministry leader host.

3. Await a response from our team regarding your acceptance into the program and placement discussion.

4. Raise your support!

5. Receive individual training from ministry leader.

I have read, understand and agree to the application process
Your Legal Name (as would be on your passport or driver's license)
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We cannot legally require you to provide us with your date of birth, but having this on file in the beginning of our process is extremely helpful. Would you mind providing that for us please?
Permanent mailing address
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Phone Number (a number which we can contact you for a phone interview)
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Email Address (this is a no spam zone!)
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If you are on FB, would you please provide your profile link? (not required but very helpful)
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Are you physically capable of moderate walking across uneven terrain and climbing steps?
What church body are you currently a member?
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Have you ever served in any local or international missions? If so, please describe the opportunity and your experience.
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Why are you interested in serving the Lord in this way?
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Please share a brief description of your testimony.
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What questions do you have for us, which you would like for us to answer during our phone conversation?
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I have read and agree to the EWay's Statement of Faith posted on the website.
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