Senior Portfolio Project - Nov 30 - Dec 7
Thank you for participating in mock interviews. Seniors prepare for twenty-five minute interviews for a specific position. You will interview the students and provide valuable feedback on their performance. You will meet five/six seniors and review their portfolio with them. Your time and expertise is greatly appreciated!
Interviewer Sign-up
All interviewers will report to Crooms by 7:30 a.m. Each interview will be assigned a specific interview room. You will review 5/6 portfolios before your first interview starts at 8 a.m.
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Select your day and time
Please sign up for the day(s) and time slots that you wish to volunteer for. Ideally, we would like interviewers to commit to a full schedule which is 8 a.m. - 11 a.m., if possible. If you can't, please select the slots that best fit your schedule.
Friday, November 30th
Monday, December 3rd
Tuesday, December 4th
Wednesday, December 5th
Thursday, December 6th
Friday, December 7th
Check In Process
All volunteers must check in with a driver's license. A name badge will be provide and you must wear the badge while on campus.
Thank YOU very much for sharing your time and expertise as you help our seniors prepare for the workplace.
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