Queer Contra Dance Camp 2020 Registration
Join us April 10 – 12, 2020 at Monte Toyon in Aptos, CA for another amazing weekend of contra dance, three days with two great bands, Mean Lids (Ben Smith, Miriam Larson, and Matt Turino) and Aaron Marcus, Anna Patton, and Audrey Knuth, and two fantastic callers, Chris Ricciotti and Maia McCormick. This year's theme is Way Out West.

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Please note, we will try out best to accommodate you with the prepared meals, but the kitchen has limited options. They do their best, but if you're very worried about your restrictions (if highly allergic, or highly specific requirements) we recommend bringing your own food as well. We have a refrigerator and storage space available for personal use that many campers use. There's room to elaborate on allergies or safety needs below.
Allergy/Safety Information
So there's "I don't eat gluten" and then there's "if a single crumb of gluten cross-contaminates my food I will be sick all weekend." Please elaborate as much are you need to feel comfortable that we know your safety and allergy needs. This can include non-food things as well.
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Do you experience chemical/scent sensitivity?
We are currently a scent conscious but not scent free event, and will do our best to meet your needs.
If you check any of these boxes we will be in touch closer to camp to coordinate. We will do our best to meet everyone's carpool needs. For housing, we will put people directly in touch with possible matches if there are any.
Bedding and Towels
Campers will need a pillow, a towel, and sheets and blanket or a sleeping bag.
Everyone will be asked to help with camp, but we need a few people who can commit in advance or in larger ways.
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We now pre-assign housing and try our best to meet everyone's needs and preferences. If there are people you would like to room with, list their names here.
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People at Queer Camp take photos. Please let us know if you have any concerns about your photo being taken or posted publicly.
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Tell us anything else you'd like us to know. We want to be sure we don't miss anything that could make the weekend welcoming and enjoyable.
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