2020-2021 MBB NEW Uniform Rule Update
(These uniform rules apply to our NEW UNIFORMS! In the event that we do not receive our new uniforms due to COVID-19, we will utilize our OLD UNIFORMS Rules, which you can read on the next page!)

Our NEW uniform is an all-black design, which will allow US more freedom in our show performance and drill. EXCITING!

Also, it will allow the MBB more freedom and comfort while wearing the uniform!

- White MB show shirts will still be issued and your student MUST wear their shirt to receive their uniform before each performance.

- Black shorts (no cargo style) are required. (Logos should not be a concern).

- Black socks are required. **Since black pants give us more freedom to perform “bends, kneels, slant…etc” on the field, it is IMPERATIVE that socks be long and come no lower than mid-calf!

- Black marching band shoes will be worn and your child will be sized and have their shoes ordered for them within the first few days of Band Camp. The price for shoes will be listed in your Packet.

- Hair and makeup rules WILL NOT change!

- Jewelry and nail polish rules WILL NOT change!


An all-black uniform gives us more freedom than we have ever had before. HOWEVER, new uniforms are a HUGE investment! Uniforms are assigned, year-by-year, to an individual student. Having worked with students in the Band for “many” years now, I believe we can easily relax our rules and allow (and consume) anything sold in concessions.

The NEW RULE will be as follows:

- The student and parent will sign a yearly uniform contract acknowledging that they, student/parent, are responsible for all uniform cleaning costs beyond what is deemed by Band Director and Uniform Mom as “normal” incidental / maintenance.

- IF students begin to abuse these food privileges, we will go back to our long-standing rules of NO colored sodas / drinks and NO condiments.

- Additionally, these are the “uniform rules”; the Band Director has final authority on when and where we visit concessions and on what will be allowed into the stands.

Thank you for making our new uniforms look great! Please see the next page for the old uniform rules!
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