Business Owners Survey
As the COVID-19 pandemic works its way through our lives, the way that business operates has been turned on its head. And governmental entities from local, county, state and federal levels, are all trying to figure out how to best help businesses during this difficult time. Some think it is financial assistance and there have been many different programs created or modified to help with loans, grants and services. We have collected the information and provided links on our reference page.

But as this situation continues to move forward, we don’t want to make assumptions as to what the needs of businesses truly are. We ask that you take some time and look at your business. What are things that might be holding you back. Is your workforce properly trained or could we provide training while business is cut back? Are there processes that could be tweaked to make things more efficient? Can you simply change the way service is provided? Have you learned some things during this mandated delivery of services/products period that could help you afterwards as well?

We ask that you please consider taking some time and complete this survey so that we can best serve your needs. Not what we think are your needs.
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Aside from money, what are three things that you feel would have a positive impact on your business when the Covid-19 shutdown is over?
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What are three things you have learned about your business that you did not know before Covid-19?
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