SKIF Yudansha Kai Seminar Online Registration - Czech Republic 2019

16 July (Tuesday) 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

17 July (Wednesday) 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Seminar fees:

Category 1 - all current Yudansha Kai members (as at 16 July 2019):

FREE - no charge for seminar.

Category 2 - all previous but non-current Yudansha Kai members (as at 16 July 2019):

USD30 for 1 session

USD50 for 2 sessions

Category 3 - all others

USD50 for 1 session

USD80 for 2 sessions


1. Accepted currencies: USD, Euro and Japanese Yen (Conversion rate : USD1.00 = €0.85 = ¥110)

2. Seminar participants must be SKIF members, 3rd kyu and above (brown and black belts)

3. Grading Examination Candidates (IMPORTANT):

3.1. All candidates who are taking examination at the World Championships must attend at least 1 session of the seminar (subject to Condition 3.2).

3.2. Any World Championship competitor who is also taking grading examination does not have to
comply with Condition 3.1.

Conditions 2 & 3 are set by SKIF Honbu.

The SKIF Yudanshai Kai encourage all SKI brown and black belt participants to attend the seminar in the spirit of training with your fellow SKIF karate-ka from all around the world.

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