[Cal Rotaract] Fall 2018 Membership Application
Thank you for your interest in Cal Rotaract! Please fill out this form before submitting your membership dues. In order to make sure that we get your membership dues, please turn them in within one week of submitting this application.

Please refer to http://calrotaract.org/members/how-to-join/ if you would like more information about becoming a member. You can also email any inquiries to executive@calrotaract.org.

Due Date: NONE!! You can apply at ANY time this semester, whether in the first month or the last. It's never too late to apply :)

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We'll send you our bimonthly newsletter to keep you up-to-date on upcoming Rotaract socials and service events. You can always opt out of the mailing list later if you would like!
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You are considered a returning member if you have been a part of Cal Rotaract in previous semesters.
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Do you have a FB account? *
We communicate our events and news through our FB account! In addition, many group chats will be created through FB for service events, committees, the family system, and etc.! (If you don't have FB though, don't worry! The newsletter & website are great ways to get access to updated info, and your committee leads / family heads will find a way to communicate with you :)) JOIN OUR GROUP HERE: https://tinyurl.com/calrotaract2018
Photo permission? *
Do you grant Cal Rotaract to use your photographs for promotional/showcasing purposes? Note: In Cal Rotaract, we love to document our events and set up photo-booths for our members! This permission allows us to post the pictures we take up on our Facebook page and website so you can look back on the wonderful memories you've created with us! We may occasionally use these images for promotional materials, such as informational fliers about Cal Rotaract. We use these photographs with discretion and responsibility, and the vast majority of our members have no problem granting us permission. If you have any questions, please send us an e-mail at executive@calrotaract.org! Thank you!
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