A Commitment by UK Scholars to Human Rights in Palestine

We believe you share our deep concern for Palestinians, including Palestinian academics, struggling to sustain some semblance of normal life in intractably difficult circumstances of occupation, and denial of basic human rights. Recent events have given us, once again, grim evidence of Israeli intransigence.

There is no need to feel helpless in the face of these injustices, even though they proceed with impunity due to the apathy or complicity of world powers. We believe that, as academics as well as members of civil society, we have a moral and practical power which can help shift the dynamics at work in Israel’s relationship with the outside world, and strengthen moves towards equality, freedom and justice for Palestinians.

Hence the statement below, which we have signed. Academics in other countries have already signed up to similar commitments in large numbers. We believe that many people working across the university sector in the UK will wish to do likewise.

Please read this appeal from Palestinian civil society, and consider adding your name to the statement below. Names of signatories will not be publicised until a critical mass has been reached, and signatories notified.

If you would like to sign please use the form below or let the campaign organisers know at ukacademicscommitment@gmail.com. They will be happy to respond to any queries or comments.

Dr. Bashir Abu-Manneh (Literature, Kent)
Prof. Gilbert Achcar (Development and International Relations, SOAS)
Dr. Anna Bernard (Literature, Kings)
Dr. Robert Boyce (International History, LSE)
Prof. Bob Brecher (Philosophy, Brighton)
Dr. Priyamvada Gopal (Literature, Cambridge)
Prof. Peter Hallward (Philosophy, Kingston)
Prof. Jane Hardy (Political Economy, Hertfordshire)
Tom Hickey (Politics and Philosophy, Brighton)
Prof. Ted Honderich (Philosophy, UCL)
Prof. Dick Hudson FBA (Linguistics, UCL)
Prof. Nick Humphrey (Psychology, LSE/Cambridge)
Prof. David Johnson (Literature, Open)
Prof. Sir Tom Kibble FRS (Physics, Imperial)
Prof. Ailsa Land (Operational Research, LSE)
Prof. Frank Land (Information Systems, LSE)
Prof. Esther Leslie (Aesthetics, Birkbeck)
Prof. Malcolm Levitt FRS (Chemistry, Southampton)
Prof. Luke Martell (Sociology, Sussex)
Prof. Karma Nabulsi (Politics and International Relations, Oxford)
Prof. Ilan Pappe (Arab and Islamic Studies, Exeter)
Prof. Steven Rose (Biology, Open University)
Prof. Jonathan Rosenhead (Operational Research, LSE)
Prof. Stella Sandford (Philosophy, Kingston)
Prof. Richard Seaford (Classics, Exeter)
Prof. Tim Shallice FRS (Psychology, UCL)
Prof. Julian Stallabrass (Art History, Courtauld)


As scholars associated with UK universities, and responding to the call from Palestinian civil society, we declare that we will not:

• accept invitations to visit Israeli academic institutions;
• act as referees in any of their processes;
• participate in conferences funded, organised or sponsored by them, or otherwise cooperate with them.

We will, however, continue to work with our Israeli colleagues in their individual capacities.

This commitment is our response to Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian land, and the intolerable human rights violations inflicted on all sections of the Palestinian people. We will maintain this position until the State of Israel complies with international law, and respects universal principles of human rights.

Note: For more details on why to sign this commitment and frequently asked questions, please go to www.commitment4p.com

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