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Can I use your music?
You can use my original music even for commercial use.
However I don’t want spam posts to use my music.
Check this video.
I would appreciate it if you would fill out this form
regarding the intended use or send me a message.
I don't collect sync money from YouTube and Facebook.
You can download my music via SoundCloud and Bandcamp.
Regarding attribution / giving credit
I would appreciate attribution, but it’s not required.
This is because I regularly register my music on Shazam.
Song information such as title and artist name can be checked
when using the Shazam app.
Your work that uses my music
I would appreciate it if I can check your work that uses my music but it is not required.
Bandcamp's "Name Your Price"
If you input "0 yen" ,you can download it by free (Limit: 200 downloads / month)
I can publish midi files and pdf files via Bandcamp.
Why do you stop to publish the podcast?
This is because Spotify removed my podcast from the podcast library.
I asked to Podbean.
This is the answer from Podbean.
Regardless of the licensing status of the music, this podcast service is not intended to be a music distribution tool.

Spotify said,
In an effort to enable all creative artists the opportunity to live off their art, creators who wish to share their music on Spotify should use a music distributor.

You can import my relaxing music RSS URL to podcast apps manually.

I would appreciate it if you listen to my music via streaming services like Spotify , Apple Music . etc
Can I remix your music and upload it to YouTube,Instagram,Bandcamp?
Can I remix your music and upload it to Spotify,Apple Music,YouTube Music?
Yes.However don't use a sync licensing function and content ID.Don't register it to any copyright collecting society.
I want your music’s sheet or tutorial video
Please send me a request from this form.
You can sample my music for making hiphop music etc.
You can use my original music for commercial use.However if you would pay the licensing fee,check this website and search for "Chino Yoshio".Thank you.
Using my remix works and piano version(Third-party contents)
I would like you to send an approval request of intended use to the labels.For example,If you want to use my remix works for Tokyo Dawn Records Remix Contest,I would like you to contact to Tokyo Dawn Records. I turned off the download option about them for preventing misunderstandings.
Are you interested in the collab with me?
Please send me a message.
Now I want to set aside time for making my original music.
Now I am working as a mechanical engineer during the week.
Due to being busy during weekdays and focusing intently on my work,
I made an FAQ to reduce the number of questions I receive.
I live in the southern Kyoto.
I learned Yamaha Electone (Electric Organ) and I joined Yamaha Junior Original Concert.

From the Yamaha Junior Original Concert.(I was 13 years old)

I learned composition from my Electone teacher.
I was influenced by T-Square, a Japanese Fusion band ,Michael Nyman,
Jamiroquai,4Hero,Michael Torke.

[List]The music inspires me
Can you describe a typical day in your life ?
I can’t go into the details of my work, but my workdays are stressful.
What’s inspire you when you create a piece ?
For example,
"We Stay in Touch"
My former boss said "This is not Sayonara party(farewell party)
, this is Stay in Touch party"

I like Tsutsuji's flowers. Tsutsuji means an azalea.

"Winter Sweet"
I saw it in Kyoto Botanical Gardens.

"Scene ○○"
My former boss once told me, "I want to use your music, but your title doesn’t match my movie.
about sheets and tutorial videos
I’m in the process of working on tutorial videos and sheet music. I feel the importance of finishing these sheets and tutorials for my music. I am also busy with my mechanical engineer work, but I want to set aside time for preparing tutorials.
I don't do the live activities now.
My Favorite Messaging Tool
Website (Blog) and SNS
I prefer to update my website (blog) rather than SNS(Facebook,Instagram etc).There is no "like" and "comment" system and no access analytics system on my website.You can check my updates without SNS account.
Creative Commons Attribution License
My original musics are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license.Only in my case,using my music is the same thing as attribution because artist name can be checked when using Shazam app. I don't use CC0 license because no CC0 option for SoundCloud and Bandcamp.
I can't speak English well so
please send a text message
Real Piano or Virtual Piano Plug-in
I prefer to use virtual piano plugins because I can record my music in my room and it is easy to make tutorials and sheets when I record it as a midi data.

Now I am using them.
For Remix My Music
Recently I use a metronome while recording but my past works are recorded without using a metronome so you need to use an audio warp or chop.If you want to add the fixed tempo, please send a message.
You can publish my music.Please download wav files from SoundCloud or Bandcamp.
However you don't register my music to any copyright collecting societies or sync licensing functions.
Please send a message.
Webpage Ranking
I am not interested in the page ranking of my website on search engines.
I would like you to arrange my music and submit your midi data.
I can't.
I would like you to play the other artist's music.(Cover songs)
I can't.
We need to clear the license for publishing cover songs.
You need to know how much it will cost.For example,
I don't buy SoundCloud plays.
Sorry,I don't followback now.
Friend Request
Before sending me a friend request,please send me a message.
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