Chino Yoshio FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I use your music?
If you would like to use my music and support the artist, please buy it via Bandcamp.
However I don’t want spam posts to use my music.
Do not use my music for relaxing music channel or no copyright music channel ,etc.
Do not register my music to Content ID and similar systems.
If you get permission to use my music,
please fill out this form.
My music is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license.
Please read it carefully.
I don't think Creative Commons is the perfect tool.
You also need to know about Creative Commons problems.
I don't collect sync money from YouTube and Facebook.
Your Relaxing Music Channel ,No Copyright Music Channel ,etc
I will turn off the download option on SoundCloud because many people have been sharing my music on relaxing music channels or non-copyrighted music channels. I believe this is for other purposes other than sharing my music and spreading the word.
Are you interested in the collab with me?
Now I want to set aside time for making my original music.
I can't speak English well so please send a text message
I would like you to arrange my music and submit your midi data.
I can't.
I would like you to play the other artist's music.(Cover songs)
I can't.
We need to clear the license for publishing cover songs.
You need to know how much it will cost.For example,
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