My First Sketch hosted by Joshua Higham
Sunday, April 3rd - Afternoon (time to be determined)

Have you ever wanted to re-visit the first sketch you ever wrote? Would you if you were given the option? In ‘My First Sketch’ writer/performer, Joshua Higham takes seasoned sketch groups back to where it all started in this engaging program/podcast.

Participating sketch groups will dig deep into their archives to find their first sketch AND then perform it, or have it performed for them, LIVE. After each sketch, host Joshua Higham will lead a candid discussion with your troupe to learn what inspired you to start writing sketch, the circumstances that informed your first material, what you wish you knew then about the process of writing sketch comedy for the stage. All we ask is that your sketch runs under 5 minutes in effort to fit in as many troupes as possible.

Sketch comedy thought long-lost to the passage of time will be resurrected for one-night only! Joshua Higham's, "My First Sketch" first premiered at the 2015 Black Friday Comedy Marathon. Philly Sketchfest is honored to incorporate this program into our 2016 festival as both a performance & podcast.

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