EQUAL RIGHTS CONFERENCE: "Discrimination of women at work"

The aim of Equal Rights is to raise the awareness and knowledge about the different forms of discrimination and tackle it being an active European citizen. In this Conference we intend to offer a wide range of sessions in order to raise awareness and ensure the active participation of young people in the fight against discrimination of women at work and labour market.

✱ WHEN? 23rd -24th March 2018
✱WHERE? Bilbao, in a hostel located in front of Guggenheim Museum
✱HOW MUCH? 30€
— Accommodation in hostel located in the City center of Bilbao
— Meal and dinner of Friday, Breakfast of Saturday
— Coffee breaks
— Social program
— Conference sessions
— City Tour
— Fun and learning with 32 more participants from all over Europe, enjoying the famous AEGEE spirit and much more!

Equal Rights Working Group Conference in Bilbao 23-24 March
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