Perspective Series Survey: Students
REBORN is a mental health organization with a focus on youth suicide prevention.

Answers will be strictly confidential.

Please answer as many questions or as few questions as you would like - we encourage you to elaborate as much as you need.

If you do not attend one of the three listed schools, please add-in the school you do attend.

Questions will be used to create content for the feature article in May's magazine. The article will highlight the impact Covid-19 has had on high school students.

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Are teachers focusing on the importance of your social-emotional learning?
If the answer to the above question was no, how can teachers improve?
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Has social distancing positively or negatively affected your friendships and social life?
Please elaborate on the previous question:
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What are you feeling? (select as many as you'd like, or add your own)
If a friend reaches out and tells you they are having thoughts of hurting themselves, are you confident in the resources provided by your school? *
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Please include anything else you think would be helpful for other students and parents to read about..
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