AACSB大學部畢業生問卷 Graduate Survey for Bachelor Degree
同學您好,首先恭喜您畢業 ,如您所了解,管理學院正在實施國際商管認證(AACSB)中學習品質保證的實施來改善學生的學習成效,在你畢業前我們希望能夠了解您對此的看法,麻煩您撥冗回答下面問題,謝謝您的合作。
策略計劃一: 實務與跨域研究
策略計劃二: 實務學習
策略計劃三: 倫理與社會永續
策略計劃四: 創新與創業
策略計劃五: 關係人合作
策略計劃六: 以院為核心之管理


The mission of College of Management is:
Expand the knowledge of managerial theory and practice, foster social sustainability awareness and innovative footprints, and exert societal impacts through lifelong learning and collaborations with stakeholders.
Strategic Plan 1: Research Practicality and Interdisciplinary
Enrich research-active foundations toward research-informed practices, embark on interdisciplinary research further afield, and shape research plans with societal impacts.
Strategic Plan 2: Learning Practicality
Spearhead experiential learning, expedite technology to ensure the quality of learning, and create a globalized and proactive lifelong learning climate.
Strategic Plan 3: Ethics and Social Sustainability
Foster social sustainable awareness, tackle empathic mindsets, and bring enthusiasm on societal issues to nurture business talents.
Strategic Plan 4: Entrepreneurship and Creativity
Orchestrate an entrepreneurial curriculum in response to the world trend, spearhead creative initiatives from experimental sites, and empower leadership and management to innovative teaching.
Strategic Plan 5: Stakeholder Collaborations
Build communities on- and off-campus, expand networks to spark meaningful conversations and form partnerships to generate complementary advantages.  Disperse responsive knowledge to be well positioned in the business world through international exchanges.
Strategic Plan 6: College-Centric Management
Integrate and allocate resources within college while optimize the efficiency of utilization.

Please answer the following questions:
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1. 請問你是否認同管院的使命?
1. Do you agree with mission of the college of Management?
2. 根據上面的教育使命,目前管院設定了對應的職能素養,請問你認為這些職能素養對您未來的職涯發展是否重要? 2. According to the educational mission, currently, the college of management has set several relative competencies. Do you think the following competencies are important for your future career development?
3. 職能素養1 :成本效益分析
1. 了解企業的成本效益來源
2. 連接核心知識與實務
Competency 1 :Cost-Benefit Analysis: Student is enabled to analyze cost benefit in business.
1. Understands the source of cost-effectiveness in business
2. Relates key knowledge to real practices
4. 職能素養2 :創新思考
 1. 了解基本業務知識和資訊科技
 2. 創新思考及批判思考
Competency 2 :Creative Thinking: Students can extend existing knowledge and work in an imaginative way, divergent thinking, and risk taking.
1. Understand essential business knowledge and information technologies (IT)
 2. Think critically and creatively
5. 職能素養3:問題解決能力
 1. 辨認與分析問題
2. 蒐集資訊以及評估結果
Competency 3 :Problem Solving Skills: Student applies analysis skills to enforce business decisions.
1. Identifies and analyzes problems
2. Gathers information and evaluates the result
6. 職能素養4:全球視野
1. 展現國際觀
 2. 了解各國文化、經濟與環境差異
3. 具備英語溝通能力
Competency 4: Global Perspective: Student thinks with a global perspective in business environments
1. Demonstrates international perspectives
2. Identifies cultural, economic and environmental differences
3. Equips with English communication skills
7.職能素養5 :商業倫理
1. 了解企業倫理議題
2. 了解倫理行動決策
Competency 5 :Business Ethics: Student emphasizes a business ethics philosophy and is enabled to deal with related conditions.
1. Comprehends the philosophy of business ethics
2. Illustrates courses of action
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