Alternative Miss Wilderness 2019 with The Provibers
The time has come to announce that we are now OPEN to receive applications. Enter the pageant to win a chance to compete and be crowned our sophomore ‘Alternative Miss Wilderness'.

Following last year’s success, proving that miracles do really happen, The Provibers are here to present this year’s pageant theme: ‘MIRACULOUS’. Interpret it how you will, just make sure your entries are dialled up and set to stun.

Show Time is 14:30 on Sunday 4th August 2019 at Wilderness Festival's brand new venue, House of Sublime

If you don't already have a ticket to Wilderness, don't worry. If you're chosen for the pageant we'll send you 1, and 1 for your stylist/make-up artist/groupie.

Meet Your Hosts - The Provibers
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Successful entrants will receive a ticket to attend, plus one for their stylist/make-up artist/groupie. Let us know if you'll need one. (Answer does not affect your chances.)
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