DWWC 50th Anniversary Unity Breakfast Committee Interest
Thank you for expressing interest in working to make this year's Unity Breakfast, taking place Saturday, June 8, at The Woman's Club of Raleigh, a success and memorable. You may have already told us exactly what you want to work on, or have not decided yet, because you don't know enough yet. That's ok, either way, please fill out this form and submit to us so that we can get our committees organized.

If you do not see a job you were wanting to do, it may just mean that we have someone doing it already. Please indicate that in "Other" and we can let the person in charge of that task know. Some tasks may be one-person jobs, though! Also, if you are in charge of something not listed, please fill that in under "Other" to help us get everything on one page. Everyone, please do click other things you can help with!

If you are not familiar with google forms, when you fill this out it will automatically fill in a spreadsheet for us! Pretty cool. Items with an asterisk are required to complete the form. The only people with access to the answers are the Co-Chairs.

We are looking forward to working with you, making the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Unity Breakfast one they will still be talking about at the 75th anniversary!

Forward together!
Vicky DeGroote & Penny Lauricella

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Committee(s) on which I'd like to serve. (Please mark even you are already working on these.)
Questions or Suggestions for the Co-Chairs - Something you are concerned we have forgotten? Someone you'd like us to reach out to? Let us know here! Thanks!
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