DAPA Application Peer Letter of Recommendation (Fall 2019)
Thank you for completing this letter of recommendation for your peer who has expressed interest in becoming a DAPA. These letters are an important part of the DAPA Application, so please be thorough and thoughtful. Letters of recommendation should be submitted by Friday, November 1st at 11:59pm.


DAPA Selection Committee
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Two important qualities related to being a DAPA are 1) the ability to be a good role model for one's peers and also concern oneself with the welfare of one's peers in social situations, 2) being passionate about educating peers about issues regarding drugs and alcohol. Your letter of recommendation should explain why the applicant is a good candidate for the DAPA program, citing specific examples that show how the applicant reflects DAPA's mission and highlighting the applicant's reliability, accountability, and leadership qualities. You may also describe other characteristics or attributes of the applicant that relate to why you think they are a great addition to the DAPA program. We suggest responses around 250 words.
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