Your Wedding Reception by City Moose at Josiah's Meetinghouse
Don't worry if you don't have all the answers yet - this helps us create an initial custom quote.  Some questions may not seem like they have anything to do with catering - but we promise - they do!
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Names (First & Last) of Happy Couple and Pronouns: *
Email Addresses (of both lovebirds please) *
Phone Numbers (both again!) *
Anyone else you want us to share info with? We set up a client portal page with lots of info: quotes, tasting info, dinnerware, how we cater and more. Put their first, last names and email addies here. We can always add folks later too.  (Usually this is a family member who is helping pay or helping plan your event with you).
Let's pretend for a moment:    It's your anniversary -  but it's also Covid times 2020.  So, you are making a meal at home before you binge watch Tiger King.  What are you making for dinner to celebrate? *
When is the big day?: *
Have you officially booked the venue? *
Why City Moose?  No really!  What made you reach out to us today?  Why would City Moose be a good fit for your wedding reception?  What have you heard about us, seen from us or what expectations do you have that you'd like to see us execute at your event? *
Ceremony Start Time (can be approximate) *
When you go out to dinner, what do you both usually order?  Tell me what you get for your appetizer.  What entree?  Sides?  And then for dessert? *
How many guests are you INVITING? *
Any dietary restrictions/allergies we should be aware of in your party? (Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Vegan, etc).  Don't worry about these folks (unless it's YOU!) - we'll take amazing care of them later.
What kind of vibe do you envision for your reception?   *
If you (and don't forget your fiancé's answer too!) could have any dessert you want at your wedding, what would it be? *
What types of City Moose services do you have questions about?  This is NOT our first rodeo but it's likely yours. We are happy to go over all things catering, venue specific or just wedding related with you during our phone chat :) *
On a scale of 1-10 (1 is low, 10 is high), how important is the food (quality, taste, service, presentation) at your wedding? *
I've been told I have to feed these people because I'm having beer at my party
We are total foodies and our wedding menu should reflect this
Thanks for filling that all out.  We know you fill out a lot of stuff during the planning process.  This one will be worth it ;)
You may have noticed we didn't ask you about your budget.  A this point - our job is to show you all the services that we CAN provide and what they CAN cost.  From there, you can choose what you NEED.  Because when it comes to budgets for anything in life, there are WANTS and NEEDS.  You NEED to feed your guests.  Do you NEED to offer Chicken AND Beef?  Nope.  That's an ENHANCEMENT.  If it's what you WANT and it fits your budget, great.  If not, no worries because you don't NEED it in order to have a rockin' menu for you and your guests to enjoy from City Moose.
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